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The Importance of Supply Chain in Cross Border Ecommerce – Part...

A good supply chain, especially in India where e-commerce is so highly fragmented, is paramount to making the difference that makes the customer choose you over others. Customers routinely leave the kart without completing the transaction when they are not satisfied with either the supply chain partner or the model.
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Decoding Cross Border Ecommerce – The PLIM Model

There are many factors which affect a seller’s performance when selling cross border. While some factors, such as taxes and duties, are not really in the control of the seller, there are many other factors which are in the control of the seller and can make all the difference when it comes to conversion rates. PLIM is a distilled form of the most important factors which, if followed diligently, will help sellers increase their sales and margins.
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Cross Border E-commerce: The game changer

E-commerce services have transformed the buying-selling experience. For example, Indian e-commerce market bloated from a $3.9 billion to $12.6 billion in about 2015. Thanks to the smartphone age, access to the internet, price comparison and the plethora of products across International marketplaces which in turn increased the availability of the international products to the buyers, e-commerce came with a bang.