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Jumia- The ‘Ecommerce Unicorn’ of Africa

The objective of the company laid down by the duo- Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec is to create a digitally connected Africa that enables first-grade online commerce across the globe. With a present headcount of 3000 employees, Jumia is making its presence felt across 23 African countries by trying to become the best and the biggest retailer- online and offline.

Priceminister: The French Online Marketplace Giant

It is the second most widely visited online marketplace in France with an estimated 27 million monthly visits. Priceminister boasts of having one of the largest online communities of users with nearly 21 million registered members on the platform. The reported 25% growth in annual turnover of the online marketplace has evidently made it a key player in European Ecommerce industry based out of France.

Why are Sellers Looking Beyond Indian Online Marketplaces?

The real-time challenge that is being faced by Indian sellers is sustaining themselves amidst the momentum of high-growth in the Indian Ecommerce industry. This is the reason why Indian sellers are readily opting to step out of the national market and go global.

Multichannel Selling- A Growing Priority for Indian Brands going Global

To be a superior brand in global Ecommerce, Indian brands must constantly aim at scaling higher by improving their operational processes. Multichannel selling can prove to be one of the most productive business strategies to boost overall revenue. Making use of several sales channels to provide goods and services to customers is the most preferred growth strategy for most global Indian brands these days.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy Marketplace

Being the marketplace leader for small scale businesses, Etsy concentrates on vintage, craftsy and handmade items that creative entrepreneurs across the globe wish to exhibit and sale. With an accounted 54 million registered active members, the marketplace boasts of connecting nearly 1.4 million sellers to nearly 19.8 million buyers. The marketplace is recorded to have garnered a total revenue worth US$ 195.6 Million so far.
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Marketing the Right Way on International Marketplaces

Since marketing leads sales force by creating appropriate buying environment, it is crucial to get marketing up and running first. The most widely prevalent myth that nothing can fetch better sales than offering discounts on top international marketplaces does not entirely hold true anymore. Previously, e-retailers have trended the discount route but of late other marketing avenues have taken a front-seat for generating higher sales and greater revenue.
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How to Choose an International Shipping Provider Correctly?

If there is any aspect apart from quality and price of the product that a potential buyer is concerned about, it is undoubtedly the shipping of the product. In order to offer a great shopping experience to the buyers to retain them, a cross-border Ecommerce business should focus on choosing an international shipping provider that can surpass the buyer’s expectations.
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9 Points to Remember before Selling Online on International Marketplaces

As you take up the transition of making your online store go global, you must be probably brimming with excitement for the upcoming developments. It is no less an adventure to assess the prospects of sharing the entire bunch of your awesome products with a whole new world of customers.
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How to Come Up with Product Descriptions that Sell Internationally?

Making your products live and posting quality images is not enough to sell internationally on the top marketplaces where there are thousand bigger and better brands than you. Quality content is equally important in acquiring more visibility for your products as such for better conversion rates.

Experience Gen-Next Online Selling with Linio

According to data presented by eMarketer and Pitney Bowes, by the close of 2017, the total global online sales value will possibly reach $2.3 Trillion. It is high time that online Indian merchants step out of the domestic territories and get access to greater international demand for their brands and products.