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My Experience On Being Selected for the Pitney Bowes Accelerator

I was chasing up a lead when I came across Abhishek Shogani, the Director of Engineering at Pitney Bowes. Somehow Abhishek and I got...

Significant Tips for Creation of Better Online Product Catalogue

The success of any Ecommerce business depends on the standard of the online product catalogue it brings on the table, especially when it comes to global Ecommerce. This is so because selecting an appropriate way to display the complete range of products is vital in determining whether the prospective buyers will continue the buying process till checkout or will simply quit the store page.

Wish.com- The Budding Online Retail Giant in US

The US based marketplace that ranks second to Amazon in online mobile commerce is already pursuing venture capital. Wish, owned by ContextLogic headquartered in San Francisco, was founded by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang on November 11, 2011. The duo aimed at setting up a mobile friendly international online marketplace that will represent a miniature shopping mall within the user’s pocket.

GST- The Game Changer for International Ecommerce

The current wind-word across all industries is GST. Since the Rajya Sabha passed a constitutional amendment to incorporate a system of Goods and Services Tax in India, the reform has set a wave of revolution across the nation. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a method of indirect taxation in India for culminating all present taxes into one single system of taxation.

Souq- The Ultimate Gateway to Ecommerce in Middle East

The Arabian world is reverberating the fullest potential of Ecommerce for global online sellers and brands. According to a report by Payfort, the total number of online buyers in the region is about to increase manifolds by 2020. No wonder, Ecommerce giant Souq.com has established its foothold here over the last one decade.
Amazon and eBay

Product Titles- The Real Catch to Boost Sales on Amazon and...

The most common mistake that global online sellers do while being up and running on Amazon and eBay is undervaluing the significance of product titles. Branding is the key to success in cross-border Ecommerce and when it comes to the top notch international online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, product naming has got everything to do about how prospective customers will respond to a product.

Zilingo- The Southeast Asian Marketplace that Delivers Happiness

Zilingo, with a measured valuation of $20 Billion, attempts to tap the fullest online potential in the genre of fashion and lifestyle and fill the existing gaps with its unique platform. The marketplace has been accounted to grow at a monthly rate of 30% month-on-month; it has proved to be a useful ecosystem for sellers and brands so far with an average of 75-80% monthly growth in their overall revenue after joining the marketplace.
Inventory Management

Most Prominent Inventory Management Mistakes in Global Online Selling

Though most global Ecommerce sellers or brands understand the importance of packaging and delivery for customers, they often tend to overlook another area of order management that should ideally hold equal importance. To be a forerunner on the top international Ecommerce marketplaces, an extra mile needs to be taken; proper inventory management can set a seller or a brand as a marketplace leader.
Product recommendations

Significance of Product Recommendations in Global Ecommerce Sales

Most online businesses these days follow the number game on international online marketplaces for convincing prospective customers to buy their products. At the root of recommendations on any international online marketplace, lies a mathematical algorithm called ‘item-to-item collaborative filtering’ intending at better customer engagement.

Bonanza- The US Online Marketplace for Everything Extraordinary

Bonanza.com, headquartered in Seattle Washington, has more than 2 million monthly visitors to choose from a wide range of 3.5 million products. With nearly 500,000 registered sellers from around the world, Bonanza is undoubtedly one of the most widely viewed and used platforms for global Ecommerce.